The Offering

Teriyaki Madness EB-5 Offering & Investment Options

Our EB-5


Over the past decade, the traditional EB-5 program has been a trusted solution for foreign investors to accomplish their immigration goals.

FirstPathway Partners has a 100% success rate helping investors obtain their Permanent Green Card through the EB-5 program.

Own My EB-5 gives foreign investors the opportunity to participate in better short and long-term returns while still providing the same traditional immigration benefits.

As the EB-5 investor, you will:

  • 01Invest in two newly formed Teriyaki Madness restaurants
  • 02Participate in distributions from income of your restaurants
  • 03Participate in any gains and receive the balance of your capital account if your restaurants are sold
Teriyaki Madness Teriyaki Madness



The Offering


  • $800,000 equity investment
  • Two Teriyaki Madness restaurants in a Targeted Employment Areas (TEA) for $800,000. Select from great TEA locations recommended by our experts to qualify for a $900k EB-5 investment*
  • Your share of distributions from income (calculated on a per restaurant basis)
    • 80% until the earlier of cumulative distributions from income of $450,000 or filing of your I-829
    • 25% thereafter
  • Payout of capital account and 25% of any gains if your restaurants are sold (Note: share of distributions may be different from each restaurant depending upon each restaurant’s cumulative earnings.)
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